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My review

My review is going to be La Mirada’s RENT is somewhat extravagant, but still resonant review by Patrick Hurley. Patrick Hurley says that RENT is a tackling addiction, poverty, and love RENT is dark, somewhat overwrought depiction of life in the East Village of New York City in the middle of the AIDS crisis.

Mariachi Band

Mariachi band is a great option in performing arts if you want to learn music from a traditional mexican heritage. Some of the original styles of mariachi music are Polka, Ranchera, Ranchero. Some original instruments in mariachi are Violin, Guitarron, Guitar, Vihuela, Trumpet, and occasionally Harp, Harmonica, and Accordion. Some of the original places mariachi was found are Mexico, Columbia, Costa Rica, Argentina, Ecuador, El Salvador, Chile, Guatemala, Croatia, Peru, Spain, United States, Venezuela. Mariachi is one of the many things i like about mariachi is the diversity in the group and also all the people you meet they become your family.


                                               Im Rhiannon Larsen I am 16 years old and this blog is going to be about performing arts. Performing arts has been a part of my life since 6th grade, I am in Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Choir, and also Mariachi Band. All of these performing arts classes and things that I do are amazing they help kids focus and other things.